New Zealand Venison : Lots of great venison recipes.

Minnesota Bucks : Lots of tips on hunting, preparing for the hunt, cooking, etc. Lots of nice pictures. An all-around fun site to view.

Pete's Taxidermy : I've been here. It's near where I hunt turkeys. His work is unbelievable. The pictures don't do justice to the quality of his work.

Skull Taxidermy : Get your flesh-eating beetles here. Also, they can metalize your skull for you. Neat.

W. B. Place : This is where I have my hides tanned, and turned into garments. I like their work, but if you know of a similar place, please let me know.  I'm always looking for good tanning/garment outfits. : The name says it all. This is pretty much the place to be for bow hunting forums.

Lee's Meats : This is where I have my game processed when I don't have time to do it. This year (2006) I got four deer. I had time to butcher only two of them. Lee's is pretty expensive, but they do very good work, keeping my venison pretty much separate from other's. I usually have some of my scrap meat processed into something, usually Old World Garlic Sausage or Spicy Snack Stix. Good stuff.

Van Dykes Taxidermy : If you want to mount a Duiker or make a Jackalope out of a squirrel, this is the place to find your supplies.

South Dakota Game, Fish & Parks : Learn about hunting in South Dakota. This state is typically very hunter-friendly towards its visitors.

Elizabeth's blog : 13 year-old who has lots of brothers and sisters has posted her hunting pictures.


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